Time. There’s Never Enough.

The one thing a campaign can never, ever have enough of is time. You can raise more money, even if…

The one thing a campaign can never, ever have enough of is time.

You can raise more money, even if it’s difficult. You can attend one more event, even if it means pushing the staff to work an extra hour. You can walk door to door in one more neighborhood, even if it means walking in the rain.

But you can never create more time.

As your most valuable resource, you need to use time effectively and efficiently, and you need to start projects early.

Some of the key early elements of a campaign that can make the difference on Election Day are well-run Voter ID and Voter Registration programs.

Having information about the voters in your district is imperative – and the more you know, the better.

Voter ID

Starting an early Voter ID program can be as simple as doing a targeted survey mailing to voters you’re not able to determine much about and asking them about the issues. This can be followed up with a door to door program where you can not only ask them a few questions about the issues important to them, but also:

  1. Talk to them about your candidate; and
  2. Leave them with a positive introductory piece of literature they can read through, including the campaign’s contact information for them to call or email if they have questions or want to volunteer.

Once you know the issues these voters care about most, you can tailor your direct mail and mobile advertising campaign effectively and only send them what they are interested in seeing.

Once these voters are committed to your candidate, you can also save valuable campaign dollars by removing them from the remaining mail pieces on the schedule.

Starting this process early allows you the chance to lock in a supporter, turn them out to vote for your candidate and ultimately save the campaign money.

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Voter Registration

A successful campaign needs to ensure all of their supporters are registered to vote.

Through modeling, we can also create a list of similar people and reach out to them to ensure they are registered, too. Certain coalition groups also offer an opportunity to identify supporters and get them registered to vote.

Once we have a targeted list of people we want to ensure are registered to vote, we can send them specialized direct mail with a voter registration application right inside the mail piece. They just fill it out, tear it off and drop it in the mail. You can follow up the original mailing with a reminder piece as well as incorporate them in your Voter ID and door to door program.

Mobile advertising can also help you run an effective Voter Registration program, reaching potential Republican voters on their mobile devices and putting registration just a click away.

As with a successful Voter ID program, once they are identified as a supporter as well as being registered to vote, you can target your campaign dollars more effectively.

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What did we learn?

1. Start early.

2. Identify supporters.

3. Get them to commit to your candidate.

4. Make sure they’re registered to vote. 

5. Turn them out to vote.


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