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We are problem solvers who specialize in influencing the opinion and behavior of voters.

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More Than7,500Campaigns & Clients, Including Local, State & Federal

22 State Legislative Takeovers

All 50States

28 Current & Former Governors

187Sitting & Former U.S. Congressmen Including 2 Speakers of the House

58Sitting & Former U.S. Senators, Including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

6GOP Presidential Candidates, 4 Nominees and 2 Winners

Majority Strategies is the only firm to work with every official GOP presidential nominee since 2000.


In 2020, Majority Strategies supported candidates directly and/or indirectly in the key states of North Carolina, Montana, Alabama, Maine, Iowa, and the runoff elections in Georgia. Majority Strategies had previously helped the GOP win 3 of the top 5 races in 2016 in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania and further strengthened the majority in 2018 with wins in Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri and South Dakota. In 2014, we were the only team in America to be a part of every winning U.S. Senate effort that enabled Republicans to reclaim the majority that year.

U.S. Senate

Majority Strategies has produced more presidential Victory mail than all other Republican firms combined.

Victory Mail

We are Majority Strategies.

We are a full-service data, digital and print firm with over 125 years of collective experience solving problems and influencing public opinion and behavior to create a desired action and outcome.

We target voters to raise name ID and awareness, persuade them to support a candidate, and ultimately, turn them out on or before Election Day.

Securing Ohio’s Future

The Great Lake region’s only winning 2018 GOP gubernatorial effort was no walk in the park, but we found the pathway to victory.

Jacobs for Mayor

Learn how digital and print advertising combined to help win an uphill battle against a large field of candidates that included multiple well-known and better-funded opponents.

Dave Senjem for Minnesota Senate

An incumbent state senator in a Minnesota swing district anticipated a relatively easy re-election bid until an onslaught of outside money came in support of his opponent.

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