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The Advantage of a Data-Driven, Coordinated Cross-Platform Campaign Strategy The Problem: Heading into the 2018 midterm, initial forecasts anticipate political…

The Advantage of a Data-Driven, Coordinated Cross-Platform Campaign Strategy

The Problem:
Heading into the 2018 midterm, initial forecasts anticipate political advertising spending to be north of $8.5 billion (a 2.5% increase since 2014.) The continued increase in political advertising spending means that voters are being inundated with paid political content more than ever.

A crowded advertising market means it is harder than ever to ensure that your campaign can deliver your message to your targeted audience at the right time.

How do you ensure your message breaks through?

It is easy to “throw money at the problem” and try to flood the market on each platform, but does that work? A recent study showed that 30% of marketing dollars around the world are wasted because the message doesn’t reach or resonate with the intended audience.

That’s a mistake most campaigns can’t afford to make.

The Solution:
The solution is the same whether you are running for U.S. Senate or County Executive.

As you are building your mail, mobile and digital plans for 2018, it is critical these are designed and executed in a coordinated, data-driven manner across platforms to ensure you get the highest ROI for every dollar spent.

The Advantage:
A data-driven, cross-platform coordinated approach ensures your message is reaching and resonating with your targeted audience.

Ability to Identify Targeted Voters Across Platforms
Now that digital and mobile providers allow you to match voter files to mobile devices and online profiles, you can target your core audiences – whether its Likely 2018 GOP Primary Voters or High Propensity General Election Swing Voters – across all platforms.

Cost Efficiency and Complete Reach
Data allows you to identify which of your targeted voters is best to target online versus offline. By creating these platform-specific subsets, you can ensure you are not needlessly targeting voters on a platform they aren’t engaged on and that no targeted voters fall through the cracks on either effort.

Delivering a Message That Will Resonate
Unsure which specific message or creative for mail will resonate the most with your targeted voters? Design a low-spend A/B campaign to test the content through mobile and digital advertising and determine which creative should be used for your direct mail.

Platform-Specific Political Strategy
You can leverage each medium in a coordinated fashion for the same political objective. Is it time for absentee voting? If you are planning on mailing your targeted voters an absentee ballot application, you can easily utilize digital and mobile advertising to remind voters to mail in that application. Is GOTV here already? If you are mailing your voters the location of their nearest polling location, why not remind them on digital and mobile to hit the polls on Election Day?

By having your mail, mobile and digital teams working off the same playbook in a coordinated fashion, you are able to create a cross-platform echo chamber for your campaign.

At Majority Strategies, our medium agnostic approach allows us to offer this full suite of services for our clients to leverage.

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