Political Advertising 2.0

Red, white and blue. The Statue of Liberty. The American flag. Bald eagles. They all scream “America.” But are voters…

Red, white and blue.

The Statue of Liberty.

The American flag.

Bald eagles.

They all scream “America.”

But are voters listening?

Moving voters is about more than the red, white and blue.

To truly make an impact, a different kind of creativity is required that isn’t limited to the Stars and Stripes.

Over 18 years ago, Majority Strategies set out to change the political advertising landscape. While others were stuck in a red, white and blue rut, Majority Strategies broke the mold and used four-color printing and colors in all hues. We shifted toward bright, vibrant and strong images and humor to cut through the clutter of the mailbox.

From the beginning, we understood voters open their mailboxes during campaign season, dreading the wave of star-spangled political mailers that will inevitably spill out.

They gather them up, perhaps groaning at the sight of another political mail piece that looks exactly like the one they got yesterday and the other one the day before.

Majority Strategies looks at the mailbox and mobile device differently.

Suppose this one piece of mail stands out. This one mobile ad looks different. It reads different. It is different.

Wouldn’t you take a second look?

Wouldn’t you remember?

Majority Strategies writes and designs each piece of mail and flight of mobile ads with two basic ideas in mind.

  1. The voter doesn’t want to read this.
  2. We’re going to make it so they have to read this.

We do that by using a unique brand of creativity that we’ve honed over our 18 years of experience.

Did you know that a person’s attention span is actually shorter than a goldfish’s?

Yes, a goldfish.

According to a recent study, our attention span is a mere eight seconds, one second shorter than the goldfish floating in the corner tank.

Even the busy parent focused on getting dinner on the table has a moment to skim the headlines.

All we need is a moment.

The Majority Strategies brand of creativity hooks voters’ attention, pulls them into the advertising and delivers a lasting, powerful message.

We start with a clean and simple style that is anything but simple to create. Here’s where photography plays an important role in creating great voter contact mail and targeted mobile advertising.

Humor works.

Humor is actually one of the best ways to grab a voter’s attention.

Bright, colorful and eye-catching works.

Here’s patriotism turned on its side to deliver a tough message.

Pop culture makes a message feel instantly familiar.

Majority Strategies’ brand creates “real” images that give voters pause and draw them into the details of both the image and the message. They’re going to spend time looking – because they haven’t seen it before.

You didn’t see a hint of red, white and blue in those, did you?

You saw a rainbow of different colors. You saw humor and interest. You saw creativity.

You saw Majority Strategies.

Get started with us today.

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