Not All Impressions Are Equal.

You only get one chance at a first impression. You better make it a good one. In today’s world of digital…

You only get one chance at a first impression.

You better make it a good one.

In today’s world of digital and mobile advertising campaigns, not all impressions are equal.

Successful Delivery vs. Attempted Delivery

One of the things setting Majority Strategies Mobile apart from our competitors is how we charge for our targeted mobile advertising. 

At Majority Strategies, we only charge our clients for DELIVERED ads.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Tell that to our competitors. 

Our competitors routinely charge for ads that are never displayed, let alone ever seen by your targeted audience. 

Sometimes it’s a software problem. The ad won’t render correctly and is rejected by the browser or app. Sometimes it’s that they only have access to a small portion of the advertising networks that exist out there. It’s the equivalent of trying to deliver ads to everyone watching TV at any given moment but only being able to advertise on just a few stations. 

You can’t see an ad that isn’t delivered effectively.

Ads Served vs. Ads Viewed

Beware the BOTS! They’re everywhere. 

Anywhere from 10-60% of digital ads are never seen by human eyes. Let that sink in a bit. It’s a scam. It’s a fraud. And it’s happening every second. 

These automated computer programs search out these ads and when they “see” one, it counts as a viewed ad. Google has admitted that 56.1% of impressions may not have been viewed by human eyes on their advertising platforms. 

Majority Strategies only delivers ads to a targeted device when that device is active and the user is engaged in an app or browser.

Price Fairness

When Majority Strategies rolled out our mobile capabilities, we committed to being straightforward when it came to getting your money’s worth. 

We provide full screen video ads, full screen static and GIF ads, half screen static and GIF ads, and banner ads. We realized quickly that the impression made by our full screen video ads was going to be more effective than a singular small banner sized ad. 

That’s why we created a different kind of pricing structure. 

We price our mobile ads by “message.”

One message is 1 full screen video ad with sound, or 2 full screen static or GIF ads, or 3 half screen static or GIF ads, or 7 banner ads. This levels out the impression playing field to create a realistic and fair approach to pricing. 

Our clients quickly realize not all impressions are equal and agree our pricing system makes a lot of sense.

Add to the value knowing that Majority Strategies Mobile has been proven through third-party testing to deliver 2.5 times as many ads for the same amount of money.

How is that possible? One, we are accurately targeting specific voter households and reaching the right people.

Two, we don’t charge clients for ads that were ATTEMPTED to be delivered. Remember we only charge for ads that actually ARE delivered. Our competitors charge for the attempt.

More People. More Data. For Less.

For real.

Get started with us today.

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