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Targeted mobile advertising is one of the best ways to deliver the message to the voters you want to reach….

Targeted mobile advertising is one of the best ways to deliver the message to the voters you want to reach.

More precise than TV, targeted mobile advertising reaches voters where they are today – on their mobile devices.

Majority Strategies Mobile offers three unique ways to get your message in front of your targeted voters:

  1. List-based campaigns
  2. Location-based campaigns
  3. Combination list- and location-based campaigns


Similar to targeting via voter contact mail universes, a list-based targeted mobile advertising campaign is based off a specific list of voter households. Majority Strategies can use that list to deliver mobile ads to unique devices tagged at those household addresses.

When would you use list-based targeted mobile advertising?

List-based campaigns work well for both persuasion and turnout, when you want to deliver targeted messages to a specific group of voters.


Known as “geofencing,” location-based targeting allows you to deliver ads to any device used within a specific geographic area during a specified time. Simply put, this is reaching an audience where they are, whether that’s a polling place, convention center, the U.S. Capitol or any legislative building across the country.

When would you use location-based targeted mobile advertising?

Geofencing is perfect for both persuasion and turnout campaigns when you want to deliver messages to a group of people in the same location in a specific moment in time.

Combination List- and Location-Based

Here at Majority Strategies, we want you to have your cake and eat it, too. That’s why we came up with combination list- and location-based campaigns, known as “geofarming.” This is truly the best of both worlds. You choose locations and determine the timeframe – past, present or future – and perimeter size, and we activate that perimeter.

Now this is where the “farming” comes in. We “harvest” a targeted list of mobile devices used within that established perimeter then and begin a campaign delivering mobile ads to those devices wherever they are now.

When would you use combination list- and location-based targeted mobile advertising?

Geofarming is the tool to use when you want to continue delivering messages to or reach a specific group of people for the first time that all came together in one place, like the attendees at a Republican convention.

Whatever your goal, Majority Strategies has a mobile program that will get your message delivered and get results. And remember, Majority Strategies only charges for delivered ads – not attempts.

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