#MeetMajority: Top Dogs

Pets have always had their place in politics. We all know Bo, Miss Beazley and Barney, Socks and Buddy, Millie…

Pets have always had their place in politics.

We all know Bo, Miss Beazley and Barney, Socks and Buddy, Millie and Ranger, and Checkers. They graced the halls of the White House, perhaps never knowing their owners were the leaders of the free world.

The Majority Strategies team has shared our own company halls and homes with a few beloved pets. We know pets keep us healthier, happier and less stressed.

Meet some of the members of the Majority Strategies furry family:

In this #MeetMajority, we asked our team to share some of their favorite pet stories, both from home …

“I married my dog in 2nd grade – cake, ring and all. And yes, there’s a photo album, but I’m not disclosing its location.”

“My dog helps pick oranges and limes from our fruit trees.”

“My cat Rambo ran away, and I consulted a pet psychic. We found him in the end!”

“My first pet Remy loved chocolate. Once he got up on the table to eat just the M&Ms and chocolate frosting off a gingerbread house, leaving the rest of it unscathed.”

“I left a pitcher of Kool-Aid within reach, and my dog managed to get his head stuck in it. It looked like a space helmet!”

“I love watching Koa run through the river in North Carolina – probably the happiest I’ve seen him.”

I had a cat named Spike that enjoyed car surfing for about a half mile before hopping off and heading out on his hunting trip for the day.”  

… and from the campaign trail.

“I worked on a race – the client will remain nameless – where the candidate actually rented a dog to seem more family friendly.”

“I was out knocking doors with my friend, and he got chased around the block by a golden doodle. He’s running. Dog’s running. I’m laughing. Turned out the dog just wanted his belly scratched.”

“I knocked on a glass storm door and had a dog come charging and jumping at me so fast, he shattered the glass. Owner was in the background screaming, not sure if she was screaming at the dog or me. I didn’t stick around to find out.”

Over Majority Strategies’ 18+ years of experience, we’ve seen many family pets grace the photos of our clients. There have been plenty of dogs and cats, certainly some horses, and even one pig.

A grand champion prize-winning pig, nonetheless.

We make it work.

With our powerful voter contact mail and engaging mobile ads, Majority Strategies leads the pack in the dog-eat-dog world of political advertising.

Why do we work so hard? Simple.

We love what we do. We’re fiercely loyal, and like a dog with a bone, we make sure every project gets done right and gets done on time.

And that’s why Majority Strategies is Top Dog.

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