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Like Facebook?

Like Facebook? We do. Follow these Top 3 Rules for Advertising on Facebook … And you’ll love it and your…

Like Facebook?

We do.

Follow these Top 3 Rules for Advertising on Facebook

And you’ll love it and your results, too.

Rule #1: Target.
One of the reasons many advertisers like Facebook is the strong targeting capabilities built directly into the platform.

Facebook users volunteer billions of bits of information every day, with every like, dislike, or follow as well as psychographic, demographic, and location data. All of that data makes Facebook smarter and strengthens its targeting capabilities.

All of that data can present a problem, though, too. With myriad options, plus the ability to upload customer lists like voter files, lapsed customers, or CRM files, how do you know who to target? Is it better to use your own voter file of registered Republicans or Facebook’s data of people who like Donald Trump? And what is it going to cost you?

The benefit of good targeting is the ability to reduce your costs while increasing your results. A skilled vendor will help you answer those questions and maximize your budget to ensure you are able to deliver the right message to the right people within your budget.

Rule #2: Budget.
It’s important to set a budget and a clear goal, and then allocate those funds based on your objectives and what strategies will maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).

A calculated mix across mediums is important, as is making sure every impression counts. Some targeting options can end up costing you more to deliver ads. You can make the most out of any budget by using different ad units to reach your full audience, for instance, using a mix of video and reach ad units to hit your targeted audience from multiple angles.

Rule #3: Get Creative.
As users scroll through their News Feeds, you need to catch their eyes with creativity.

The image or video you include in your ad must be easy to read and connect with the copy and message. You only have a few seconds of the user’s attention; make sure you grab it and quickly make a compelling, easily understood argument.

Your image or video must also have substance. Think about your target audience and the purpose of your ad. Do you want them to click to your website? Do you want them to sign up for more information? Do you want them to watch your video? What is going to motivate them to take that action?

The content of your ad needs to match the motivations and interests of your targeted audience. The creative messaging then needs to persuade and motivate the user to complete the goal of your ad campaign. Emotions are often key to doing that.

Don’t forget branding. You want to build familiarity and recognition among users that coordinates with your other content, website, print advertising, mobile advertising, and other campaigns. Learn more about the art and science of message repetition across mediums here.

Know Your Facebook Ads.

Like Ad

Lead Ad

Link Ad

Engagement Ad

Reach Ad

Video Views Ad

ICYMI: An Important Update on Facebook Advertising
Facebook recently announced changes it is making to its platform to de-emphasize commercial content, including advertising from brands and political campaigns.

As with other changes Facebook has made in the past, it is becoming harder and harder to reach Facebook users organically. Brands, campaigns, and advocacy organizations will need a two-pronged approach to ensure their content is seen.

First, the content itself needs to be engaging – remember, videos are a great way to cut through the digital clutter and bring users into your fold.

Second, paid advertising that reaches outside of Facebook’s walled garden, including desktop and mobile advertising, will be key to securing the necessary impressions and frequency needed to successfully drive a message with significant recall.

Learn more about our unique mobile advertising solution here.