Hit the Ground Running.

Running a race – whether a 5K or a campaign – requires preparation. The more prepared you are, the easier…

Running a race – whether a 5K or a campaign – requires preparation.

The more prepared you are, the easier it is to not just reach the finish line – but win.

Our team of political consultants has learned a thing or two over our 18 years of experience.

We know what successful campaigns need to have right out of the gates.

With our custom branding box, you’ll hit the ground running with everything you need to get your campaign off on the right foot and racing toward victory on Election Day.


Logo – but not just any logo. You need one unique to you, highlighting your state, your experience, your name.

Campaign colors – to set the tone for all of your collateral materials, including your yard signs.

Tagline – define your campaign, who you are and why you are running in just a few short, powerful words.

Fonts – to give your name, tagline and other materials a branded look.

Data – from top donors for fundraising to an enhanced voter registration file for targeting, including a targeted walk list.

Social media – the startup images you need to establish your online presence.

QR code – to drive traffic to your website, sign up volunteers and collect donations.

Pull quote – to use in your press release announcing your campaign, highlight on your website and carry over to your palmcards and doorhangers.

Majority Strategies’ custom branding box preps your campaign with all of these tools.

Think you don’t need them? Think again.

Do you know …

What fonts are best to use for your logo, to ensure voters can see your name on your yard sign at 45 mph?

What colors look best together and how to use various shading and shadows to make the most impact?

How to sort a voter file, target a universe and pull that data to start walking door-to-door?

We do.

And we’re ready to help.

Contact us today to get started on your own branding box, mobile advertising, and voter contact mail, palmcards and doorhangers.