Pulling Back the Curtain.

The past few months have been busy for us at Majority Strategies. While gearing up for the fall, we packed…

The past few months have been busy for us at Majority Strategies.

While gearing up for the fall, we packed our mailbags and moved into new office space.

It’s twice the size of our old digs, giving us the room we’ve always needed plus some to spare as we head into 2016.

As we readied the space, we knocked out walls, installed new technology and hardware, picked out carpet, paint and tile and planned for a creative space that was energizing, inspiring and fitting of our company and the people who call it home.

Want to see?

The office expanse greets you from the glass front door. We planned the interior space to be bright, open and welcoming. The main space houses our creative department, with serpentine desks for our graphic designers and pullout seats for project managers and writers to sit side-by-side with them as we create the voter contact mail and mobile advertising projects we are known for.

You’ll see our custom art on all of the walls, too. We designed these pieces ourselves, and they are big – some larger than 5’x5’. They make an impressive statement, add color to the space and give a nod to the art, pop culture and current events that inspire much of our work.

We created a special space for our writers just off the main room. Together, they can bounce ideas off one another and make the room as loud or as quiet as they need to put ideas on paper.

Flat screens in clear view of all throughout the space keep track of every project in real time.

As you walk farther into the office, you’ll find our project managers, seated together near our graphic designers. Our project managers can easily step out from their desks, meet a graphic designer at their station and take care of our clients’ edits quickly. That’s a key part of our speed and ability to turn projects as fast as we do – communication and connection.

Along the outside walls, you’ll find the private offices for our political consultants. We designed each office uniquely, with desks, storage and comfortable chairs or couches to fit each space.

Did we mention the break room? Not only is it equipped to heat up last night’s leftovers, it is fully stocked with snacks, drinks and coffee on demand. Good snacks, too.

We’ve had guests liken our space to a newsroom, and we tend to agree.

Everyone is connected in a spider web of energy, urgency and creativity that flows through the office uninterrupted and allows us to react in real time to our client’s needs. If they get hit with an attack, we can help them respond in mere hours, not days.

We’re set up to do that, and we’re committed to doing that, from the layout of the office to the talented project managers and creative team we have on board.