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Energy and the Environment

The Majority Strategies data team takes a closer look at a range of audiences, including persuadable fracking/pipeline voters, in today’s #StrategySession.

The debate around climate change and the environment has brought about a need to create audiences of voters or constituents specific to the issues.

Those audiences may be those who are persuadable on the topic of fracking/natural gas pipelines, or it may be those who strongly oppose legislation like the Green New Deal and are known political activists who can be motivated to contact their elected officials.

The Majority Strategies data team takes a closer look at this range of audiences in today’s #StrategySession.

Example Audience:
Anti-Green New Deal – Online Activists
There are over 7.9 million registered voters in the U.S. who strongly oppose the Green New Deal. These voters are frequent social media users and are political activists who are likely to take an online or offline action.

Plans for this audience should focus on activation.

66% of this audience is women, and 23% are voters under the age of 35.

Example Audience:
Persuadable Fracking/Pipeline Voters
Over 19 million U.S. voters – roughly 11.5 million U.S. households – are politically active voters who are undecided on constructing more oil/natural gas infrastructure.

Persuasion is the key here.

Approximately 41% of this audience frequently watches live TV, and 37% are heavy social media users. Over 40% are seniors over the age of 60.

The Majority Strategies team can help you craft omni-channel targeting plans with the specific goals of either persuasion or activation to reach these audiences of voters or constituents in your area.

Contact the Majority Strategies team today for the full report and to get started analyzing the audiences related to energy and the environment in your targeted area.