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Google v. Oracle before the Supreme Court

“Typically in the last few weeks of the campaign, digital advertising will be the preferred medium for pushing out response ads,” Reid Vineis of the GOP firm Majorities Strategies wrote to Zach. “Digital advertising is used to moving very quickly. Think about recent events. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, groups had ads up within hours trying to raise money.”

Lara Trump rallies with Wake County Republicans

“Lara Trump was the headliner at a Monday evening event at a farm in southwestern Wake County to rally support for President Donald Trump.

“Wake County Republicans and other activists from around the triangle gathered at Finnigan’s Run Farm in New Hill to hear from president’s daughter-in-law and Susan Tillis, the wife of U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis.”

Study: Boomers, Millennials Getting Restless About Pandemic

“The latest report from the Gulf South Index show boomers and millennials in the region are changing course on their outlooks as the summer months wind down and we approach the end of the year. Optimism reigns with both groups as the number of people in our region who think “things are getting a lot worse” has decreased from 43% to 29% for millennials and 52% to 31% for boomers. However, the needle has not moved much in terms of how long they think the effects of the pandemic with last. Roughly two-thirds of both boomers and millennials still think the effects of COVID-19 will last a year or longer.”

Gulf South Index Sees Consumer Confidence Climbing

“Consumers in the Gulf South are more ready for things to open than they have been just weeks prior. Extreme concern over the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. has dropped 5 points since July to just 37.5%, according to updated Gulf South Index research, conducted September 6-9.”

N.C. voters to begin receiving general election ballots

“The State Board of Elections has spent months preparing for the 2020 general election, and even up until Sept. 4 rules were still being finalized for absentee ballots, early voting locations, and verification of counting those ballots.”

First Mail-In Ballots in N.C. Sent Out for Election. Here’s What the Campaigns Have to Say

“With 60 days until the General Election, the first mail-in ballots went out to North Carolina voters Friday. More than 640,000 people in the state have requested mail-in ballots so far for the November 3 election, according to the North Carolina Board of Elections. That’s compared to less than 40,000 for the same time four years ago.”

Facebook’s ad shakeup could alter campaigns’ endgame plans

“Facebook threw yet another new curveball at campaign offices Thursday when it announced a ban on new political ads in the week before Election Day, curtailing a highly effective conduit for raising last-minute money and pinpointing messages to voters.”


“The Republican National Convention is a great opportunity to build your base, generate enthusiasm, and engage with voters. Capitalizing on the enthusiasm now will help get votes in the bank for November.”

Jon Miller Joins Majority Strategies

On Monday, Majority Strategies announced the hiring of Jon Miller as managing director of advocacy. Miller is a longtime communications professional based in the Sunshine State and served as director of external affairs for Keiser University.


“Reid Vineis, VP of digital at GOP firm Majority Strategies, said consultants are now operating in murky regulatory terrain.

“‘This incident shows just how much power the carriers have on deliverability,’ said Vineis. ‘Texting is a medium that has hard and fast rules when it comes to TCPA, but the rules of each carrier are not so clear … It’s unfortunate, but this year we could see many peer-to-peer texts go undelivered that are legally compliant, but denied by the telephone carriers.’”

Which Campaign Benefits The Most From The COVID-19 Crisis?

“In the past couple of months, political media operatives have debated whether the coronavirus pandemic is a relative advantage for President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The usual answer is that President Trump’s reelection campaign is the beneficiary, even if it faces challenges during the pandemic. If mobile communications and digital media are more important factors this year due to COVID-19, then it’s logical that the candidate with a larger online following and advertising operation would benefit.”


“The killing by police of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month has spawned a national protest movement that’s brought tens of thousands of Americans into the streets. It’s prompted major corporations, high-profile performers and athletes to take public stances on issues of race and justice.

“But for candidates and groups, some consultants are giving their clients more measured advice. Boiled down, practitioners are suggesting their clients simply listen …

“’My advice to clients is to be conscious of your constituency and stick to your brand,’ said Majority Strategies’ Chris Faulkner.”