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Runoff Elections in Georgia Expected to Spur Unprecedented Ad Spend Blitz

“And you thought the political ads were over. Not for Georgia.”

Big Tech draws record revenue, harsh criticism with election ads

“The campaigns for President Donald Trump and Joe Biden spent a combined $192.3 million on Facebook advertising in the first 10 months of 2020, with over a quarter of that coming in October alone, according to data from Facebook Inc.”

Buyers Say Facebook Pre-Election Ad Period Hit With Unexpected Outages

Just one week before the election, Facebook’s political ads system is coming under fire. As the company rolls out a new policy, frustrated ad buyers saw ad campaigns deactivate, ultimately hampering campaign reach at a crucial moment.

Wisconsin Republicans see signs Trump will steal the state again

“President Trump is tapping coronavirus fatigue in Wisconsin with a forward-looking message that strategists hope will work to recapture his rural base, pull voters from the margins, and secure a statewide victory on Election Day.”

Campaigns Rush to Submit Facebook Ads Ahead of Limits

“Republican and Democratic political advertisers are scrambling to submit their ads to Facebook Inc. before the end of Monday after the social network decided not to allow new political ads in the week leading up to Election Day.”

Jon Miller Named “Best in Political Advocacy”

YouTube has more political ads than it can place

Less than two weeks before the U.S. election, some political campaigns are dealing with an unexpected obstacle on YouTube, the internet’s largest video site: There isn’t enough space to run their ads.

Faulkner: Possible GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate Melendez ‘takes zero shit from anyone’

“’She takes zero shit from anyone,’ veteran political strategist Chris Faulkner said in support of State Sen. Melissa Melendez’s possible run for Lieutenant Governor of California.”

These voters sat out in 2016. Now they could determine the next U.S. president

(Reuters) – Iowa resident LeAnne Putman-Thomas has watched her country pursue wars, endure recessions and elect its first Black president. Yet the 53-year-old never felt compelled to vote.

Booming suburbs boost Biden in North Carolina

When Barack Obama turned North Carolina blue in 2008, Democrats hoped the Obama coalition would usher in a new era of competitiveness in the state. Instead, the next decade-plus was marked largely by disappointing election results — and no more presidential wins for the party.


GOTV looks very different this year, but one thing campaigns on both sides of the aisle are relying on even more amid pandemic campaigning: social pressure.

Trump targets Ocala and other Florida exurbs, hoping to repeat his 2016 winning strategy

“President Trump’s fly-in campaign rally in Ocala on Friday is targeting rural and exurban voters, a bloc that in 2016 helped put him over the top in Florida.”