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Mobile video is taking over the small screen. Today, you have to play to win. Ad spending on original videos…

Mobile video is taking over the small screen. Today, you have to play to win.

Ad spending on original videos shot up 114% from 2014.

That’s a big jump, but really no surprise.

With 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide today and over 6 billion expected by 2020, everything related to mobile is growing. That’s 6 BILLION smartphone users carrying personalized devices with them throughout the day, wherever they go, whatever they do.

Q. Why is more being spent on video?

A. More time is being spent watching video.

Last year, U.S. adults spent 76 minutes every day watching video on their digital devices, including PCs and smartphones. That’s up from the 21 minutes we spent daily in 2011.

Two years ago, U.S. adults first spent more time on their mobile devices than they did their PCs. That time on mobile has continued to grow as devices themselves grow more powerful.

For many, mobile is the first screen, and video consumption on mobile is up 55% from 2015. 

Q. What are the advantages of mobile video?

A. Mobile video is highly engaging.

Mobile video draws people in, catches their attention and keeps their attention.

There’s no surprise mobile video is expected to account for half of all online video spending by 2018. Mobile video is working.

Q. How do you create an engaging and effective mobile video?

A. Mobile video is very different from TV advertising.

At Majority Strategies, we’re experts on how to craft engaging video specifically for mobile devices. You’ll have to work with us to get all our trade secrets, but here’s one pro-tip: keep them short.

Remember mobile is fast by nature. It’s a quick-grabbing attention getter and then it’s on to the next thing. :15 second videos are one of the better performing lengths.

Want to learn more about mobile video? Email us today to get started.


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