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On the Road Again

Toothbrush? Check. Phone? Check. Mail samples? Check. In our business, traveling is like breathing, always occurring, never stopping. Our consultants…

Toothbrush? Check.

Phone? Check.

Mail samples? Check.

In our business, traveling is like breathing, always occurring, never stopping.

Our consultants often start the week packing their belongings into one bag and rushing out the door to catch their flight. Before they know it, they are on third or even fourth trip of the week.

You can read about how we put a premium on the face-to-face meeting here, even in today’s digital world. There’s something to be said for talking and looking one another in the eye.

We’ve learned a lot with all the miles, from how to pack light, the best airports to fly through, to how to make all that travel a little more enjoyable.

Like they always say, it’s the little things that matter.

Let’s hit the road with some common-sense tips to make travel a little less taxing.

1. “Always bring a carry-on.” –Tom

Carry-on luggage makes exiting the plane and airport a snap. No need to wait for luggage – and no risk of your clean clothes for tomorrow’s meeting being lost.

2. “Watch what you eat.” –Evan

It’s easy to be thrown off your daily diet with the sweet and high-calorie temptations you’ll come across on your trip. Make sure you’re consuming the nutrition your body needs to stay alert and ready for your meeting. Pick whole foods and skip the extra sauces. Watch portions and drink plenty of water – dehydration is common after flights.

3. “Take a good inflatable foot rest with you.” –Aaron

Having your feet slightly raised on a flight helps with circulation and can reduce the risk of swelling and joint pain, too. This is a comfort-boosting option that is often overlooked, and it won’t take up much space when deflated either.

4. “Don’t be ‘that guy.’” –Jason

Have your act together going through security. Invest in a travel pillow if you need one. Don’t ball up your suit jacket – or worse. Don’t block the aisle or whack people with your bag while you’re getting to your seat. Keep the armrest down when you’re sitting next to a stranger, and no reclining that seat on short flights.

5. “Be friendly and courteous.” –Mike

They have a tough job, and simple kindness will go a long way. These are the people who can make your flight experience better, from upgrading your seat, to delivering an extra drink or snack, so mind your manners. No matter how rough and hectic your day is, remember others are working just as hard around you.  Always be kind, courteous and considerate to those serving you. If anything, share a smile or quick joke with them. It will make the flight go by faster – and their job easier.

6. “Always put your hotel card in your wallet so you never forget it.” –Brett

After a long day, it’s good to come back to the hotel room and crash. Keep your card on you at all times – unless going back down to the front desk is your nightly exercise routine.

7. “You never know who you might meet.” –Mike

Opportunity is everywhere. Say hello to your seatmate, and you might find yourself with a new client, a new donor or a new voter.

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