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#MeetMajority: Caleb Sarvis

Caleb Sarvis, born in Maryland and raised right here in Jacksonville, Florida, has joined the Majority Strategies team as a…

Caleb Sarvis, born in Maryland and raised right here in Jacksonville, Florida, has joined the Majority Strategies team as a Creative Copywriter. Caleb’s experience includes teaching high school and serving as Senior Fiction Editor for Bridge Eight Press.

Learn more about this Washington Wizards fan in this week’s #MeetMajority.

What is your favorite blog?
I’m a big fan of The Ringer, Bill Simmons’ post-Grantland project. It’s a perfect blend of sports analysis and pop culture. I can read a breakdown of an NBA playoff game and then get into a critical review of the most recent episode of Atlanta. It’s the only website I visit just to see what they’ve got.

What’s the toughest lesson you’ve learned?
Toughest lesson I learned was that good things take time. I’m ambitious and quick to get work done, so when I have to sit and wait, it can drive me nuts, but fortunately, I know that’s usually for the best.

Last book you read?
I recently read The Largesse of the Sea Maiden by Denis Johnson. It’s a collection of five stories that was finished right before he died. I’m a huge Denis Johnson fan, and this might be my favorite book I’ve ever read.

What’s your favorite time of day? When are you most productive?
I’m most definitely a morning person. I wake up early, get ready for work, and spend the hour from 7 to 8 writing. Occasionally, I enjoy a mid-afternoon escape to somewhere public, like Mellow Mushroom, and use the white noise as a buffer between me and the rest of the world.

Describe your greatest accomplishment.
My greatest accomplishment is convincing my wife to date me. It took a couple of years of just hanging around, but she gave me a chance, and now we’re two years married. If that doesn’t count … In the past year, I’ve had twelve short stories and three poems published. Those twelve stories are part of my book, Looney Purgatory, which will be out in the Spring of 2019.

When and where are you happiest?
My favorite moments are when my wife and I travel to a new city. Last year, we went to Boston for almost a week, ate lobster rolls for the first time, caught Wizards vs. Celtics, and had drinks in the center field wall of Fenway. These are the best times.

What’s on your bucket list?
My wife and I have mapped out an east coast baseball trip, starting with Boston, then New York, all the way down to Miami. We’d like to take two weeks, fly to Boston and knock the thing out together. I’d also like to write a novel, write and sell a screenplay, and sit courtside at an NBA game.

Thanks, Caleb!

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