Marc Klein Joins Majority Strategies

Marc Klein Joins Majority Strategies
April 4, 2019
Majority Strategies

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Majority Strategies announced today the hiring of Marc Klein as Vice President of Data and Digital Advocacy Solutions.

“Marc is an exceptional addition to the growing Majority Strategies family,” said Brett Buerck, Majority Strategies CEO. “As a proven innovator, Marc will add additional expertise to Majority Strategies’ growing advocacy business, which is guided by data and analytics and recognizes today’s omni-channel information flow.”

“I am excited to join the team at Majority Strategies where innovation is celebrated and the focus is on data-driven solutions,” said Klein. “Advocacy is a growing and changing field, and Majority Strategies has the team, infrastructure, and data to be the nation-leader in advocacy solutions. In addition, from a corporate perspective, Majority Strategies' proven track record and reputation for excellence will allow businesses to advocate for mobilization and action, which will facilitate positive behavioral change, improve policies and implementation, and grow revenue."

Klein most recently served as the Vice President of Microtransit Government Partnerships at Chariot Transit, Inc., which is owned by Ford Smart Mobility LLC, where he focused on improving sustainability, accessibility, and automobility options for the residents and visitors of cities across the country. By trade, Klein is a commercial business lawyer who represented commercial banks and finance companies, and he is admitted to practice law in New York and Connecticut. Klein was selected as a White House Champion of Change award winner in 2011 for creating innovative mobility, technology, and sustainability solutions to challenging problems.

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