Drawing Them In.

#ByDesign: Highlights From Our Creative Team
December 6, 2016
Majority Strategies

Step one in delivering a message is drawing the audience in …

  • Into the direct mail piece.
  • Into clicking the mobile ad.
  • Into scrolling down a website.

One of the most effective methods to drawing the user in is exactly that – drawing.

Whether vector or hand drawn, it’s the art coupled with the message that keeps a person’s eyes on the ad, lures them in further and repeatedly builds on the details to paint the full picture.

Nike has done it. So has Ram, riffing on vintage National Park posters for its trucks. Even Oreo got in the mix.

Through the years our team of creative professionals has routinely turned to using their drawing talents to persuade and motivate the audiences we are targeting, as we did with these illustrated voter contact mail pieces and mobile ads.

Whether talking to voters, consumers or constituents, emotions are key. Illustration helps bridge the distance between the hand and the heart.

It’s the humor in the message that’s often best conveyed through illustration, lending the comic relief often needed to help the message resonate.

Don’t forget memorable.

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