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They call it “click bait.” It’s what gets users to click on a digital ad. But click bait is only…

They call it “click bait.”

It’s what gets users to click on a digital ad.

But click bait is only half the battle.

The other half? The tech.

How do we blow away the mobile industry standards for click-thru rates?

Using our technology, we’ve seen click-thru rates of over 5.3% for full screen ads (vs. 3.29% for the industry) and over 13.2% for half screen ads (vs. 0.53% for the industry) on some of the mobile flights we’ve completed for our clients.

Our video ads have had even greater success, with click-thru rates of 2.15% (vs. 0.12% for the industry) and completion rates over 97% (vs. 43.9% for the industry.)

How do we do it?

More accurate matches…

We find and match up to 90% of voters with a smartphone or tablet with higher than 80% accuracy. 

Majority Strategies’ one-to-one matching ensures we correctly find more individual mobile devices than our competitors – 75% of a voter list compared to just 25% for other vendors. 

Significantly greater viewability…

We use proprietary cutting-edge software that ensures our ads display correctly across all mobile ad networks and devices – helping to solve the “viewability” problem with technology that is the envy of the entire mobile advertising industry.

We’re virtually eliminating bots and stacked ads while fighting industry fraud with the only technology that helps stop fraud in advance.

In short, we blow away industry click-thru rates by accurately targeting the right devices with the right ads that are actually seen by the right voters.

Majority Strategies Mobile gets it right.