Promoting President Trump's Supreme Court Justice Nominee

Promoting President Trump's Supreme Court Justice Nominee
July 17, 2018
Brett Buerck

With Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement in June, the Trump Administration recently announced their nominee for the Supreme Court. This is an opportunity for Republican elected officials and their allies to capitalize on this moment and message directly to their constituents how they support the nomination and confirmation of a conservative, pro-business Supreme Court Justice.

Why is this important?

There are a number of potential political ramifications based on the nomination and confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee that could have direct impacts on the 2018 Midterm election. One of the clearest examples is the additional pressure it adds to vulnerable Senate Democrats in states won by President Trump in 2016. Ensuring that Republicans are able to close the enthusiasm gap and turnout their target voters in these races is going to be critical to taking back these seats – and historically, GOP base voters have been motivated by judicial nominations.

In 2016, as The Washington Post reported, not only did exit polls show that “a majority of those who saw the president’s ability to nominate justices to the high court as the most important factor in their vote, backed Trump” but that “26% of Trump voters told pollsters that Supreme Court nominees were the most important factor in their voting.”

Majority Strategies enables our clients to promote President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to their target-constituents utilizing our omni-channel marketing platform. A key component to this is the President Trump Supreme Court Nomination Support model, which can be used to create custom-audiences around the issue. Since 2016, data partners of Majority Strategies have been actively and on an on-going basis conducting surveys and building predictive models to measure voter support for the Merrick Garland nomination, the Justice Gorsuch nomination, a Generic Conservative Justice and specifically a SCOTUS nominee of President Trump’s. This specific model scores every voter in the U.S. on their likelihood to support the upcoming nominee to the Supreme Court by President Trump. This predictive voter scores model is based on respondents’ answers to the question:

“Do you think you are likely to support or oppose Donald Trump’s upcoming nomination of a justice to the Supreme Court?”

Contact our strategists today to learn more and see example tactics that leverage this data that can be employed across print, mobile and digital advertising and can be customized to your goals.