2016’s Best Direct Mail

We’ve closed the books on ’16 … But not before looking back at some of our best direct mail from…

We’ve closed the books on ’16 …

But not before looking back at some of our best direct mail from the year.

Why mail?


It’s personal.

98% bring in their mail the day of delivery, and 72% of those people bring in their mail as soon as possible.* 67% believe mail is more personal than the Internet.

Mail brings you – your brand, your cause, your campaign – into the home in a physical way.

It’s trusted.

56% believe print is the most trustworthy form of marketing.* On average, people spend 30 minutes reading their mail, from 25 minutes on direct mail to 45 minutes on magazines.*

It’s remembered.

48% keep direct mail.*

That’s your coupon in their wallet.

That’s your reminder to go vote on their fridge.

That’s your survey on their kitchen table, ready to be completed.

The world grows more technical by the day, but with data, targeting and creativity, direct mail bridges the gap from old to new again.

These are some of the direct mail pieces we will remember most from 2016.

A unique approach to bringing volunteers into the campaign fold

With real voters offering their own voices in support, we helped create a complicated direct mail piece that spoke to people and connected on a real level. The unique folds created highlighted panels to bring attention and emphasis to each voter’s own words.

A hidden bucket of fun

This accordion fold holds a hidden diecut surprise behind classically designed outside panels to meet USPS regulations. That’s one of the tricks with specialty pieces; they still have to mail, and often you don’t have an unlimited budget to spend extra on postage.

A simple shape highlights a complicated issue

We love the simplicity of the diecut cover framing a single flat screen TV. When opened, the additional TVs are revealed, along with the punch line to the tagline. We’re sticklers for ensuring unique folds and diecuts serve a purpose and support the message, delivering it in a more creative and powerful way.

A touch of realism

One of the greatest benefits of a well-designed diecut is the sense of realism it brings to a direct mail piece. Here, we mimicked police tape and broke through it with an open gatefold. That was a more powerful way to deliver that message than had we kept the piece more traditional and opened it as a simple fold.

We know #mailmatters; how that direct mail looks matters a great deal, too. Diecuts and specialty folds – when done right – are a purposeful and memorable way to shake up a campaign and make an impression in the mailbox.