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#MeetMajority: Lee Lemay

At Majority Strategies, our team is constantly looking for ways to be better, faster and more creative. It’s the foundation…

At Majority Strategies, our team is constantly looking for ways to be better, faster and more creative. It’s the foundation of our firm – #WePlaytoWin after all.

Lee Lemay, one of our skilled graphic designers, embodies Majority Strategies’ commitment to excellence.  

Soon after graduating from Seminole State College of Florida, Lee joined our team and discovered that lessons aren’t only taught in the classroom.

In today’s #MeetMajority, you’ll get an opportunity to learn more about Lee, his background in fine art and the lessons he’s learned as an important member of our team.

Hi, Lee. Let’s start with the big question. Why Majority Strategies?

I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity to learn from really talented designers. I acquire new skills every day – and I can’t wait to keep learning.

When are you happiest?

I’m happiest when I’m spending time with my wife, Paige, and daughter, Maya, and when I’m designing and making art.

As a graphic designer, you rely heavily on hardware and software to create your art. Outside of that, what is your favorite medium to work with?

My true love is drawing and painting but right now, thanks to a busier lifestyle, I’d say digital artwork works best for me. I can do it anytime, anywhere – and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

How many cities have you lived in?

I was born in Niles, Michigan, and then moved to Israel when I was very young. After returning to America, I’ve called seven different cities home: New York City, Jersey City, Chicago, and a handful of others in Florida before settling in Jacksonville.

What’s on your bucket list?

I’d love to take a road trip across the USA. There are so many places I want to see.

What would you most like to learn how to do?

I’m interested in special effects makeup and sculpting. Those are skills I’d love to master.

If you could hop in a time machine, which time period would you go back to? Why?

The 1950s. I’d be able to experience the amazing music from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s (yes, the ‘80s!) and ‘90s. Once I hit the 2000s, I’d like to loop back around again.

What motivates you to tackle the day?

My family and my desire to learn something new.

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