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We’ve said it (more than) once, and we’ll say it again. Mobile use is on the rise. So is users’…

We’ve said it (more than) once, and we’ll say it again.

Mobile use is on the rise. So is users’ preference for apps over mobile websites.

As mobile advertising has grown, a few types of ads have leapt to the forefront as some of the most effective and popular:

The Banner Ad

Banner ads are what most people picture when they think of “mobile advertising.” Banners are long, skinny ads that typically run across either the top or bottom of the user’s screen.

            Why We Like Them

The user experience is important with mobile advertising, and banner ads deliver the message without interrupting the user in the app. The trick with banner ads is the creative. With limited space and file sizes, both art and copy need to be on point to grab the user’s attention and get the click.

The Rich Media Ad

Rich media ads are interactive units that engage the voter with the message and provide the opportunity for additional engagement with the click. Rich media ad units also allow for extra mileage out of video ads, with videos embedded into the full screen ad itself.

            Why We Like Them           

With larger file sizes and more room for art and copy, rich media ad units open the door to a high level of creativity – virtually unlimited, really.

The Video Ad

More than a quarter of users are more likely to click on a mobile ad with video, according to a recent Nielsen report. Mobile video is most successful at :15 or :30 seconds and requires a high level of creativity to keep the user’s full attention. Vertical video is also on the rise.

            Why We Like Them

Video ads are a great opportunity to engage voters and deliver memorable content. The trick with mobile video is to remember it’s not TV. Your :30 TV spot may not translate well to mobile on its own. You need to think mobile first, plan for the small screen and not waste any time drawing the voter in.

We choose a variety of mobile ad sizes to build a flight of mobile messaging, based on a combination of creativity, targeting and inventory to get the right mix and the right outcome – the win.

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