#NewYearNewMajority: Meet Albert.

To know where Majority Strategies is going, you have to know where Albert Braunfisch came from. Albert joined Randy and…

To know where Majority Strategies is going, you have to know where Albert Braunfisch came from.

Albert joined Randy and me and the rest of the Majority Strategies family as Chairman in 2015, bringing decades of experience in influence marketing with him.

As Chairman, Albert will help Randy and me grow Majority Strategies in 2016 and beyond. Albert’s career has been spent growing many businesses across various industries, from technology and real estate to publishing and craft beer.

We are confident Albert can use his experience to create new systems and processes within our company that help us grow, allow us to serve more clients, and do so without losing the very things that anchor Majority Strategies.






In this #NewYearNewMajority, Albert will help Randy and me steer us through bigger waters without losing sight of our very shore.

In today’s #MeetMajority, we wanted to put the spotlight on Albert and let you get to know him as we do …

First the basics … where do you call home? Tell us a bit about you.

Little Rock, Arkansas is home. I have spent almost my entire career traveling most weeks, so I lightheartedly tell people that Little Rock is the airport I choose to fly out of each week. However, it has been home to my wife, three boys and me since my wife and I married. It is a wonderful place for doing things out of doors like hunting and wake boarding on the lake, which we do quite a bit of throughout the year. It is also full of interesting, creative and talented people we are lucky enough to call friends. 

What have been the ladder rungs of your career?

Most of my career has been entrepreneurial. While in college, I worked in DC and thought that was the path I wanted to follow. I got some advice from a boss at the time to go back and build my career in a place that makes me happy and with someone I want to build a family and life with. I took that advice and moved back to my hometown (Little Rock) and started my career. My first business I helped buy with my father, and it was an ongoing concern in the security printing industry. We eventually sold it, and I then switched gears to doing startups. In general, I have found building to be more satisfying as I can pick the talent, shape the culture and drive results from my personal vision. Most of my businesses have been in and around the marketing services space: direct mail, shared mail, email mail marketing, publishing, etc. However, I have built businesses in areas as diverse as the temporary staffing space and craft beer brewing.

What is the most important lesson your career has taught you?

It’s about the people. Granted you have to be in a business that has market and growth potential, but assuming those prerequisites, it really comes down to the people. I want to be around talented folks who want to win, who don’t accept the status quo, and who I can trust. Without that, then life is just too short for me to waste the time. 

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

I am most proud of the three accomplishments I share with my wife, our three boys. They are each very different people, but we are very proud of their work ethic, commitment to help others and kind and loving hearts.

A year from now, what do you hope we will have achieved together? 

I have four goals: 

1. Continue to provide our clients with winning solutions.

2. Create scalable processes and systems.

3. Expand our sales reach, capabilities, and capacities.

4. Develop new and synergistic product solutions that complement our existing suite of offerings.

How would your best friends describe you in three words? 

I hope they would say: loyal, hardworking and charitable.

What three qualities must a successful company have? 

1. Ability to attract, build, sustain and motivate great talent.

2. Set effective goals and hold ourselves accountable.

3. Adjust to the market place.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning. I get up around 5:30 and check email and then workout while getting caught up on the news from overnight. My least favorite is anytime I’m stuck on a call or in a meeting that has gone on longer than it should. 

When and where are you happiest?

My favorite time is early summer on our boat in the middle of the lake swimming with the kids and their friends. I want those days to last forever.

Why Majority Strategies?

Three reasons: It starts with something I said above, people. I really like the people and believe they embody the attributes of a team I would have built from scratch. Next is the culture of winning. We even say it in our tagline, “We Play to Win.” At this stage of my career, I want to be with people who are talented and want to accomplish insanely great things. Finally, I’m attracted to the opportunity to build an influence marketing company doing things at a scale that does not exist today in our industry segment. 

… Because to know the #NewYearNewMajority, you have to know Albert.

We look forward to introducing you to Albert in person in the months ahead.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a time to talk.