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Learn more about the importance of data, the role of social media in successful advocacy campaigns, and more.

How to Use All Mediums for Successful Advocacy
The old advocacy model is broken. The new model is a data-driven grassroots effort that targets real constituents who care about your issue.

How to Use Data for Successful Advocacy
Millions of dollars are wasted every year (if not every month) by advocacy “campaigns” that have no impact because they are focused on the wrong people.

How to Use Social Media for Successful Advocacy
Most issues simply don’t rise to the level of an organic campaign that will go viral on social media. Congratulations if you have one but, otherwise, it takes strategic planning, targeting and creativity to make social media have an impact.


How to Use Facebook for Successful Advocacy
Just because you have a Facebook page doesn’t mean you are getting the job done. Building your followers and then activating them is the key.

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