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What Will Memorial Day 2020 Look Like for Your Campaign?

2020 campaigns need to start planning now for their Memorial Day activities, taking into account the realities of COVID-19 and what changes need to be made to tradition.

There is no doubt, this Memorial Day will be a new experience for every campaign, each facing different realities in their state.

In your state …

  • Will communities be able to come together to honor our fallen heroes?
  • Will businesses be open, and if so, fully or partially?
  • Will family, friends, and neighbors celebrate together or home alone while socially distanced?

This year, Memorial Day will mark the restart of the 2020 campaign season for many campaigns and elected officials. Memorial Day has traditionally been a day when candidates and elected officials participate in parades and events to honor those who we have lost and build and strengthen relationships throughout the community – face to face.

That interaction has proven to be important to both campaigns and voters.

2020 campaigns need to start planning now for their Memorial Day activities, taking into account the realities of COVID-19 and what changes need to be made to tradition.

What will Memorial Day 2020 look like for your campaign?

State A: Traditional Memorial Day in Person
If you are in a state fortunate enough to participate in Memorial Day events in the traditional, in-person fashion, you will want to incorporate a variety of items to maximize reach, including:

  • Mail Invitations for Memorial Day Events and/or Services to Constituents
  • Palm Cards
  • Yard Signs/Banners
  • Bumper/Lapel Stickers
  • Campaign Logo-Branded Collateral for Events (Hand Sanitizer Bottles, Pens, Candy Buckets, Water Bottles, Pick-up Truck Wraps)

State B: Memorial Day Under Stay-at-Home Orders
Canceled Memorial Day events do not mean you can’t interact with voters directly and show your community support as you all join together (while apart) to honor our nation’s heroes. Here are some great options for reaching voters:

  • Landing Page
    Create a one-page website to serve as the hub for your Memorial Day activities and messages. You can also use a landing page to create a “virtual” Memorial Wall to display the names of local heroes.
  • Mobile and Desktop Display Ads
    Talk with voters by sending messages directly to their digital devices.
  • Social Media Ads
    This is a great way to expand your campaign’s reach and communicate with voters. Majority Strategies can run campaigns that build your volunteer list, grow your digital following, or direct traffic to your website to learn more. Ask social media followers to share stories of the heroes in their own lives who scarified for this country.
  • Organic Social Media Content Creation
    Looking to share posts with your followers for Memorial Day? Majority Strategies can create custom, professional graphics for your social media feed.
  • Direct Mail
    Direct mail can increase your name ID with target voters. Restart the campaign season with a powerful, patriotic message voters will remember.
  • P2P Texting
    Peer-to-Peer Texting is an affordable way to reach voters, particularly when you can wish them a safe Memorial Day with their loved ones and include a link directing them to visit your campaign’s website.

Get started now with your Memorial Day plans to ensure you are ready to reach voters, either in person or from a distance.

Not sure who to direct your efforts towards or which platform would work best for delivering these Memorial Day messages? The Majority Strategies data and digital teams can create custom profiles of the voters in your district and show how your social media channels compare to that of your competition. Reach out to us today to learn more.