#MeetMajority Drew Lonergan

Get to know State Strategist Drew Lonergan in today’s #MeetMajority.

Drew Lonergan joins the team at Majority Strategies as the State Strategist for Tennessee and Arkansas, bringing five years of experience in the campaign, policy, and lobbying realms across the great state of Tennessee.

Get to know Drew in today’s #MeetMajority.

Where are you from originally, Drew?
I am a proud Nashville native!

Tell us about your family.
I have been blessed with two loving parents. My father is a labor employment attorney and my mother was a very successful accountant before moving to be a stay-at-home mother.

Where did you go to school?
I attended Birmingham Southern College.

How would you describe yourself?
An energetic, passionate, self-starter with a love for promoting efficiency in all aspects of our lives.

What is the last book you read?
12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson

What is your favorite song?
It is so hard to decide, but I am a huge fan of Three Days by Pat Green.

Who is your favorite president?
Every president has issues, but I am going to say Ronald Reagan.

What motivates you to tackle the day?
The desire to always win the day and build relationships that fuel success.

What’s the toughest lesson you’ve learned?
Loss. Losing, whether it be on legislation or on a campaign trail, teaches you more about yourself than anything else.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Passing overly substantive legislation that will drive the success of our community.

How would your best friend describe you in three words?
Accountable, inclusive, and energetic

What was your most memorable campaign?
Martin Daniel for Tennessee. Nothing came easy and every day was critical to ensure that victory was achieved.

What was your first campaign?
Jeremy Kane for Nashville Mayor

Best day on the campaign trail?
Election Day, there is nothing sweeter than knowing that everything has been done to win.

Tell us about your favorite vacation.
Taking a family trip to Ireland in 2017 with all of my dad’s brothers and cousins to play golf and celebrate our family heritage.

Most memorable live event you attended?
As a young Tennessee Titans fan, I was there to witness the Music City Miracle firsthand.

Favorite meal on the road?
I am a serious foodie. Overall, I am a big fan of a good red meat or seafood dinner paired with a good craft beer or glass of bourbon.

Thanks, Drew!

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