Coordinating Your Print and Digital Advertising

Coordinating Your Print and Digital Advertising
August 21, 2018
Majority Strategies

Direct Mail. Digital.

It’s not one or the other.

It’s both.

We talked about the advantage of a data-driven, coordinated cross-platform campaign strategy that ensures your message is reaching and resonating with your targeted audience.

What are the benefits of coordinating your print and digital advertising?

Direct Mail + Digital
Used together, direct mail and digital can play up each other’s strengths. Print provides a level of trust that digital can’t, while digital provides an edge.

Plus, direct mail lasts longer, sitting on desks and counters for far longer than a digital ad. When that message and art is coordinated, direct mail can give your digital advertising a much longer shelf life.

Remember direct mail doesn’t face junk filters or unsubscribe buttons and doesn’t require a person to opt in.

Direct Mail + Website
What happens when you include a website in your direct mail? People visit a website 8% more often from direct mail than from social media. Use your direct mail to drive targeted people to your website to collect their email address.

Direct Mail + Millenials
While 26% of millennials prefer emails, 38% of millennials prefer direct mail. Why? Like most, they simply enjoy receiving mail.

The USPS also reports that 42% of millennials prefer political ads via direct mail, not online.

Everybody loves mail! Learn more.

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