#MeetMajority: Kelsey Schutter

#MeetMajority: The Majority Strategies Team
April 30, 2018
Majority Strategies

Meet Strategy Director and Jacksonville born Kelsey Schutter. Kelsey is a graduate of Liberty University and no stranger to the campaign trail.

After serving as a campaign manager in Virginia, Kelsey is back in her hometown and overseeing direct mail and digital advertising campaigns for Majority Strategies clients across the county.

Learn more about Kelsey in this week’s #Meet Majority.

App you can’t live without?
Twitter, now that Kanye is tweeting again.

Favorite eats from your home state?
Rivermont Pizza in Lynchburg, Virginia. Amazing pizza, spinach dip, and nachos (+trivia night).

What’s your favorite time of day?
Golden hour, and between 5am-7am when it’s dark and not many people are up.

Describe your greatest accomplishment.
Receiving a book of my best tweets from my brother as a birthday present.

Name one of your “weird” habits.
I keep all of my apps on one screen and in folders so they only take up ¼ of my phone screen.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
That I still don’t know if there’s a fitness center there or not! I swear I saw one when I was shown the apartment on my first visit, but now I can’t find it.

How many cities have you lived in?
Six: born in Jacksonville, FL; then moved to Durango, CO; Tampa, FL; Leesburg, VA; Lynchburg, VA; Richmond, VA; and now back to Jax!

What’s on your bucket list?
Travel to Iceland!

Tell us about your family.
My parents and brother live in Richmond, Virginia, where my brother attends the University of Richmond. I have a very fluffy cat named Hudson that misses the snow in Virginia.

Thanks, Kelsey!

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