#MeetMajority: What Makes Us H{app}y?

#MeetMajority: The Majority Strategies Team
April 12, 2016
Majority Strategies

Mobile devices have become a constant presence in our lives.

Heads down, thumbs tapping.

Headphones hanging like tech-inspired jewelry.

Faces bathed in the glow of tiny screens.

Apps command 85% of users’ ever-increasing time spent on smartphones.

In today’s #MeetMajority, we asked our team about their favorite apps and smartphone habits.

Many of the copywriters and graphic designers on our creative team rely on apps as a creative outlet and a way to find artistic inspiration.

“I’m a big Pinterest app fan. There’s always fun, creative ideas to try out.”

“VSCO is my favorite. I use it to take most of my photos because it lets you control the focus and exposure and there’s plenty of editing options.”

“I love Instagram for posting photos.”

For the road warriors on our team who spend vast amounts of time on the road and in the air, apps that ease the frustrations of traveling are essential.

“I don’t know where I’d be (literally) without the GoogleMaps app.”

“The UBER app makes requesting a ride incredibly convenient.”

“The Delta flight app comes in handy when I’m traveling.”

“I rely on the Waze app for traffic monitoring anytime I’m on the highway.”

Whether we’re at work, at home or somewhere in between, many rely on apps that keep our favorite songs, books and more within reach.

“I use Audible for hours each day, listening to my monthly audiobook.”

“Anytime I’m driving I use Spotify to listen to music.”

“I love Overdrive. I use it everyday to check out audio books from the library.”

Others use apps to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the world, from the Capitol to the football field. 34% of us estimated that reading news online took up the majority of our mobile time, compared with only 2% of recently polled Americans.

“I use the RealClearPolitics app multiple times a day so I don’t miss any breaking political news.”

“Reddit is awesome. It organizes internet content into subgroups so I can read about the things that interest me.”

“The ESPN app lets me check game scores in real time.”

“I usually check the FoxNews and The Weather Channel apps in the morning for a quick rundown on the day’s headlines and weather.”

Like many mobile users, our team relies on their smartphones to do much more than monitor our social media pages. We’re staying organized, reading the news, playing games as we wait for rides and flights and visiting some of our favorite websites.

Here’s how our team stacked up:

Tell us: What are some of your favorite apps?

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