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Majority Strategies in the News Q1 2020

Catch up with the Majority Strategies team in the news.

“Changes in political digital advertising won’t stop in 2020. I’d expect to see more regulations by the platforms themselves and from regulators in Washington and in the states.” Read More

“Some consultants are celebrating Facebook’s decision not to follow Twitter and Google in restricting ad targeting, while others remain concerned the company’s move could make it harder to reach voters.” Read More

“For evidence that social media is ground zero for many campaigns, look no further than what President Trump’s campaign has been able to do. Millions of low-dollar contributions, an active online following that spans every nook and cranny of the country. Every Democrat presidential campaign is trying to duplicate the success that the Trump campaign has had on social media, but with uneven results. Enter Michael Bloomberg.” Read More

“Others suggest that Mr. Bloomberg’s money bomb would have been more effective if it were tailored more toward collecting voter information to build good will. ‘The Trump campaign runs a very tight ship that is driven by data and analytics,’ Reid Vineis, vice president for digital operations at Majority Strategies, a Republican consulting firm, told me.” Read More

“Since 1964, voters have returned their incumbent representative to Washington 93 percent of the time. In recent years, however, the advantage typically belonged to the outsider candidate, the person vowing to drain the swamp from the state capital to Washington, D.C. But the tables appear to be turning again. Added to the many life-altering changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic this year is a renewed desire for security and stability. In other words, the power of incumbency is back.” Read More

“In this stark reality, fundraising consultants are having to reinvent their strategies to keep money coming in for their clients, even as the country shuts down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. ‘Everyone is a little bit panicked right now, but this doesn’t fundamentally change the course of how fundraising works. The plans are there, this is about continuing to execute them,’ said Lindsay Jacobs, executive director of Majority Money, an independent company under the umbrella of GOP mega-firm Majority Strategies.” Read More

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