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Majority Mail Call Vol. 8: Trifolds

Cover. Transition. Inside. Learn more about the art of the trifold in today’s #StrategySession. In a variety of sizes, with…




Learn more about the art of the trifold in today’s #StrategySession.

In a variety of sizes, with options for reply cards, diecuts, and folds, the trifold offers both form and function.

Try the Trifold on for Size:

The 8.5×11 Trifold

Description: The 8.5×11 trifold finishes at a size of 8.5×3.5, within the size limits for letter rate postage.

Tips for Success: With its smaller panels, it’s important to keep the text light and the images strong. Clutter is the enemy of the 8.5×11 trifold. Don’t try to include too much.

Best Uses: The finished size of the 8.5×11 trifold ensures it fits easily into walkers’ hands, making it an ideal size for walklit for campaigns and grassroots advocacy.

The 10.5×17 Trifold

Description: The 10.5×17 trifold finishes at 10.5×5.5 to be eligible to mail at letter rate. The larger overall size helps to ensure the piece stands out in the mailbox and provides additional room for messaging.

Tips for Success: Use the folds to help deliver the message. The larger size of the 10.5×17 provides more room for creativity. Take advantage of the space to lure the reader in and speak to them in an impactful way.

Best Uses: The 10.5×17 trifold is a standout in the mailbox that gives you a large interior spread for art and text with the benefit of letter rate postage.

Try One of These Effects to Get More From Your Trifold:

1. Reverse It
One of our favorite tricks is to reverse the order of the fold. With just that small change, the creative takes on a whole new life, as it did here when we created a piece to mimic a boarding pass and its holder. Remember, you’re never stuck with “the way it’s always been done.”

2. Die Cut It
Incorporating a die cut like we did here creates a layered effect that adds visual interest and entices the user to open the piece and see more.

3. Add a Perf
Both the 8.5×11 trifold and 10.5×17 trifold accommodate perforated reply cards that you can use to solicit volunteers and feedback or encourage the recipient to contact their elected officials.

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