Mail: An Oldie But a Goodie.

The classics have stood the test of time… The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. To Kill a Mocking Bird. A Tale…

The classics have stood the test of time…

The Beatles.

The Rolling Stones.

To Kill a Mocking Bird.

A Tale of Two Cities.

White Christmas.


… with good reason.

They are indelible marks on our culture, preserved on vinyl, bound by leather or archived on film.

And mail? It’s just another oldie but goodie.

Mail still matters.

In our increasingly digital world, it can be hard to believe direct mail still makes an impact, but research proves it does. In fact, the Direct Mail Association reported in 2015 that 70%-80% of consumers open most of their mail, even what they deem “junk.”

The U.S. Postal Service found that 45.4% (a median value) of mail recipients reported “immediately” reading direct mail.

What’s more, people aren’t just giving their mail a cursory glance. Many respond to mail’s specific call to action, whether it’s purchasing a sweater or emailing a legislator. That’s because mail’s tangible nature encourages a personal, emotional connection.

With voter contact mail, that call to action is often focused on turnout and encouraging voters to cast a ballot, contact their legislator with a specific message or sign up as a volunteer.

Today’s mail pieces can include an SMS or QR code designed to link voters to more information, helping to make an already effective mail piece even more dynamic.

Skeptical? Let’s rewind a bit.

Remember the excitement you felt as a child when you received something in the mail? An envelope with your name on it was cause for celebration.

As adults, we haven’t completely lost this childlike fascination with personalized mail. Adding personalization significantly boosts engagement.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons Why #MailMatters:

For nearly two decades, Majority Strategies has delivered the message in mail that is unique, compelling and undeniably effective.

Mail has endured because it works.

Majority Strategies has endured because we work.

And neither mail nor Majority Strategies is going anywhere. Check out some of our classics here, and get in touch with us today to start delivering your message.

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