Google Premier Partner

Majority Strategies is now a Google Premier Partner – a Top 3% advertiser on their platform.

Majority Strategies is now a Google Premier Partner – a Top 3% advertiser on their platform.

What does that mean for you, our client?

First, let’s talk about Google’s partnership program. Google offers three tiers of partnership to their advertisers: Member, Partner, or Premier Partner.

In 2020, Majority Strategies became a Google Partner after exceeding Google’s standards for performance, spend, and certifications.

On average, our campaigns today have an optimization score of 78.1% across the board. An optimization score is a metric Google uses to estimate how well our ads will perform based on our settings. That also determines how high our ads are shown in results.

To date, Majority Strategies has served over 2.44 billion impressions on Google since 2016.

We met the spending metric by maintaining a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 across all of our managed accounts, and we met the certification metric by ensuring at least 50% of the users listed on our account held certifications in Search, Display, Measurement, and Video.

Becoming a Premier Partner meant not only meeting the requirements in those same three categories but also meeting additional qualifications that include:

Existing client growth: Ability of partners to grow their existing clients, measured by year-over-year ads spend growth and ads spend among existing Google Ads clients.

New client growth: Ability of partners to acquire new clients, measured by year-over-year ads spend growth and ads spend among existing first-time Google Ads clients.

Client retention: Demonstrated ability to sustain client business, measured by the percentage of clients with active Google Ads spend who are managed by the partner and are retained year-over-year.

Product diversification: Demonstrated investment in product mix beyond Search, measured by the percentage of non-Search spend in YouTube, Display & Video 360, Display, Apps, and Shopping each calendar year.

Annual ads spend: Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, measured by spend across managed accounts each calendar year.

That’s a lot, but all told, it means we have to be competitive, and that competition drives better performance for you, our client.

As a Google Premier Partner, we will have access to Beta testing of new products that other advertisers won’t. With dedicated Google account representatives, we also have a direct line to the source and can quickly resolve issues when they arise.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done and excited to share the news with our current and future clients. But we’re not “done” by any means. In fact, reaching Google Premier Partner status only drives our digital team to keep at it.

To keep innovating.

To keep perfecting.

To keep chasing down the very best ways to deliver our clients’ messages.

Every new digital team member goes through a thorough training process that includes completing certifications in Google Display, Search, Measurements, Video, App Installs, and Shopping ads.

Our digital team is also certified for The Trade Desk (TTD). Those include TTD’s Executive Program focuses on key issues that are shaping the landscape of digital advertising today, Data-Driven Planning to use data effectively in TTD, and Trading Essentials which is an in-depth look into programmatic media buying and hands-on experience with the DSP.

Digital advertising changes daily with new and evolving rules, regulations, techniques, procedures, tools, and more. Our team is committed to continuously learning and finding opportunities to provide a better product for our clients.

It’s in our DNA as a firm to learn, innovate, and compete in every aspect of this industry.

We Play to Win.

Reach out to our team to learn more and get started today.