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Can You Modernize Mail?

There’s a perception that mail is old. Tired. Ineffective. Gone by the way of digital. We’ve refused to believe direct…

There’s a perception that mail is old.



Gone by the way of digital.

We’ve refused to believe direct mail has lost its power – but we recognize that direct mail has to be done right.

Part of our success has been continuing to push the creative envelope.

Many times that means incorporating unique folds and die-cuts into a print piece, but even those on tighter budgets can ensure their direct mail – be it political advertising or brand marketing – stands out from the daily clutter of the mailbox.

What is print advertising after all? It’s a mixture of ink and a swirl of colors that combine to put well-chosen images and text onto paper.

  • Why not make those photos eye-catching?
  • Why not craft a never-before-seen image?
  • Why not let the words tell a powerful and persuasive story?

In our two-decades-plus of experience, we’ve mastered that creative horsepower, but part of the key to keeping direct mail relevant is keeping ahead of the trends.

Can you modernize mail?

Yes, you can.

Don’t be afraid to try new sizes.
You may be used to mailing postcards, but varying the sizes of the direct mail pieces in your print advertising plan is a simple way to breathe some new life into your campaign. Varying the sizes and folds also gives copywriters and graphic designers the space and folds that are often needed to convey a message and bring weight to a tagline or image effect.

One of the most popular oversized pieces of direct mail is the 8.5×11 flat. It does cost a bit more in postage, but many find the added “oomph” in the mailbox worth the additional cost.

Use data and targeting to your advantage.
Gone are the days of mass mailings to the largest swath of voters, constituents or consumers you can find. Data and the targeting capabilities it provides is key to making mail more modern.

Targeting brings a level of sophistication to your mail in providing you with the opportunity to tailor your message specifically to a certain group. For campaigns, that means breaking your mail plan into subsets of voters identified by issues, from social conservative to fiscal conservative and more. For brands, that may be identifying groups of consumers based on household income.

Tie your direct mail into your digital advertising.
Don’t forget that one of the key components of your digital advertising – even if you are not running ads – is your presence on the web. Your website can be used to help modernize your mail.

A strong call to action that encourages mail recipients to go online to download the latest coupon, sign up to volunteer, or send an email to their elected official. Mail no longer needs to do that work for you; but mail can help you utilize your website and a familiar experience for voters, constituents and consumers today to meet your goals.

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