Color Your Campaign.

#AskaDesigner: Color Your Campaign
August 26, 2016
Bec Williamson

Sugar plum.


Blushing bride.

And you just thought it was called pink.

Pantone, a leader in color creation, has a palette numbering in the thousands, but not every hue is quite as rosy as the next.

In 2012, researchers were tasked with finding the perfect color for the packaging on tobacco products – to make them look as unappealing as possible. The end result was what Pantone officially called Pantone 448 C or “opaque couche,” but others have appropriately nicknamed the greenish-brown shade “Dirty,” “Tar,” and even “Death.”

The strategic use of colorf is a powerful design element in voter contact mail and targeted mobile advertising.

In today’s #AskaDesigner, we went to our creative team for some of their favorite color combinations and more on how they choose the color schemes for the voter contact mail and mobile advertising they design.

Our designers’ overall goal is to choose the color scheme that best conveys our candidates’ messages.

“Softer, lighter colors are great for pro-life, conservative values kinds of pieces. I typically choose a color scheme that really highlights the photography.”

“For attack pieces, I like to draw the eye to particular lines of text or images with bright colors. Some bright red text really stands out on a darker, ominous-looking background.”

How do our designers choose the best color scheme?

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