Jesse Garza

Jesse Garza may not have been born a cheesehead, but he has called Wisconsin home for over 20 years. As…

Jesse Garza may not have been born a cheesehead, but he has called Wisconsin home for over 20 years. As a graduate of the University of Minnesota and prior resident of the land of 10,000 lakes, Jesse will be serving his two favorite states.

Before joining the Majority Strategies team, Jesse served as Congressman Sean Duffy’s District Director (WI-7). As District Director, he oversaw district operations and was the senior in-state advisor to the Congressman. Prior to joining Team Duffy, Jesse was the Executive Director for Faith and Freedom Coalition in Wisconsin, where he played a pivotal role in turning out faith-based voters during the 2012 presidential election and the successful defeat of the Governor and State Senate recalls. The Wisconsin team successfully mobilized volunteers to contact thousands of voters and provided over 500,000 voter guides to faith-based voters across the state. Jesse’s professional start in politics came under the mentorship of Jeff Larson, former Chief of Staff of the Republican National Committee and former partner of FLS. Jesse oversaw 501(c)(4) education and advocacy programs for Mr. Larson.

Jesse has over 15 years of experience in Wisconsin grassroots politics. He has served and continues to serve in various leadership positions in the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Jesse was elected in 2019 as the Third-Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, where he serves on the executive committee for the State Party. In his capacity as Third Vice-Chairman, he provides resources and is an advisor to all county party chairman in the state. Jesse also has serves as 7th District Vice-Chairman and was a county party chairman for 6 years. Jesse has been directly involved in over 30 state legislative races, dozens of congressional campaigns, U.S. Senate races, State Senate and governor recalls, as well as presidential races in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Jesse currently lives in Hudson, Wisconsin, with his wife Kate and their three children.