#AskADesigner: Learn from Our Creative Team
Posted January 23, 2019
Majority Strategies

To serif or not to serif.

That is the question in today’s #AskaDesigner.

Serif vs. Sans Serif
The main difference between serif and sans serif are the small decorative flourishes on the ends of the strokes of a letter. Serif has them; sans serif does not.

What About Slab Serif?
Slab serif takes those flourishes and makes them a little more substantial – a...

The Changing Digital Landscape
Posted January 22, 2019
Reid Vineis

Digital advertising is changing every day. There are new regulations, new products, and new innovations all the time. It can be hard to keep up.

Here are three of the big trends to look for in 2019 that smart marketers need to be aware of.

1. A Shift from Platform Focus to Audience Focus
The lines between all platforms online are blurring. Social media sites are expanding...

Majority Strategies Acquires Causeway Solutions
Posted January 21, 2019
Majority Strategies

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Majority Strategies today announced the acquisition of Causeway Solutions, the nation's leading data creation and analytics company.

“Causeway Solutions is the best in the business, both in politics and advocacy, and Majority Strategies is an even better firm today than we were yesterday as a result of this acquisition,” said Majority Strategies CEO Brett T. Buerck....

#MeetMajority: The Majority Strategies Team
Posted January 14, 2019
Majority Strategies

One of our team’s New Year’s resolutions is to help up-and-coming operatives navigate the early ups and downs of a career in the political industry, sharing our team’s 125+ years of collective experience as Republican political consultants and strategists.

Enter Majority Hunter, a free service for GOP operatives to place the best and brightest talent on the campaign trail each cycle. In...

Know Your Digital Data
Posted January 10, 2019
Reid Vineis

Every time you see an ad online, there is data powering the targeting behind it.

The type of data used varies from platform to platform, impacting how you reach your targeted audience. Whether you are running ads on social media, general display, or mobile ads, it is important to know your digital data to ensure you are hitting the right people.