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Number 8 in Our Best of the Blog 2020 Countdown

When Facebook announced it would not allow any new political ads in the days leading up to and following Election Day, campaigns needed help – and fast.

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Number 11 in Our Best of the Blog 2020 Countdown

We’re up to #11 in our countdown of the Best of the Blog 2020.

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Painting a District Red in a Blue State

The Majority Strategies team shares how a combination of digital, mobile, and mail helped a Republican challenger face the uphill battle against an incumbent Democrat in a blue state swing district.

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Case Study: Are Your Advertising Efforts Generating Sales?

Read our most recent case study to learn more about how a data-driven approach combined with geofencing and Verified Walk-in attribution helped provide one of the largest builders in the nation with a “distinct competitive advantage.”

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It’s an App, App, App, App World

Digital advertising as a whole has grown to an approximately $100 billion industry, with mobile advertising’s growth leading the way. Majority Strategies has been an industry leader in political mobile advertising since the industry began to take off in 2014.

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