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Current Job Openings

Digital Coordinator
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The Position (in priority order)

  • Assist with on ongoing campaign analysis and optimization to help ensure stated objectives are met or exceeded
  • Assist in building plans, proposals, and external communications to prospects and clients
  • Reviewing reports, providing feedback, generating ideas for improvements
  • Provide group and individual training support to ensure all appropriate personnel have the necessary understanding of the product or solutions
  • Engage with clients to assess needs, determine optimal solutions & address technical questions
  • Answer sales staff and/or client questions on digital products, campaign performance, technical issues, quality assurance and general strategy
  • Stay abreast of market trends
  • Develop materials for public facing opportunities
  • Assist in the development, implementation and training of sales focused systems and products

Professional Background

  1. Expert in digital advertising
  2. 3+ years of client facing experience with 2+ in the technical field of digital advertising, preferably ad-tech
  3. Hands on working directly with clients including: coordinated professional engagement strategy, relationship building, understanding of the discovery process, presentation skills, and overcoming objections
  4. Successful working with political and advocacy clients and understanding their unique needs
  5. Proven track record of success in time sensitive, project oriented professional environment
  6. General working knowledge of digital media/advertising strongly desired
  7. Undergraduate degree preferred
  8. Confirmed team player that has shown consistent ability to provide the right solution as either a team lead or liaison

Personal Qualities

  1. Quick learner who is willing to study the inner workings of the company
  2. Cultural fit with the company and its leaders
  3. Confidence of skills and position to challenge assertions or claims that are inconsistent with company’s abilities
  4. Self-starter and independent thinker
  5. Creative problem solver
  6. Highly collaborative
  7. Strong work ethic, willingness to go the extra mile
  8. Excellent verbal communicator
  9. Strategic skill as well as strong business sense around revenue enhancement and operation efficiency
  10. Highly accountable and committed to work to tight deadlines where necessary
  11. Highest personal integrity and personal/professional ethics
  12. Demonstrated ability to work with and across multiple functions
  13. Strong relationship builder with peers in Sales, Operations and other functional areas.
  14. Engenders trust with peers and associates in the organization.
  15. Demonstrates strong instincts and intuition

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