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The common denominators for every position?

  • You must be driven, committed, and self motivated. You're going to make this job your own.
  • You must have a thick skin and a strong work ethic.
  • You'll work longer hours than you ever have. Really long. Incredibly, unthinkably long.
  • You'll offer 100 ideas for every 1 that moves forward. Changes are to be expected. Attitude is not. You will never give up.
  • You'll move fast, think twelve steps ahead, and never say, "That wasn't MY job."
  • You'll be a team player who combines a sense of urgency with a sense of humor. We take our work seriously. Ourselves? Not so much.
  • You'll work without a title and without an ego. Only the best have called Majority Strategies home, and they'll talk about the company before they talk about themselves.

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This is the best company you'll work for and the most gratifying job you'll have, but only if you're up for the challenge. Still interested?

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