By combining consumer, political, and proprietary data from a much wider range of unique and cutting-edge sources, Majority Strategies offers a more comprehensive data profile on individuals than any of our competitors.

People are people – and we know people.

Majority Strategies data solution leads to smarter, more-educated decisions built on both targeting as well as learned outcomes – because data integration does not end with targeting.

Through our Data Management Platform (DMP), we build and activate custom universes for activation across channels (print, digital, media) – all for no additional cost.

Our robust data set includes the following on over 200 million Americans:

  • Voter File
  • Consumer Data
  • Purchase History
  • Donation History
  • 1st Party CRM Files
  • Survey Responses
  • Location History
  • Cross-Screen History
  • Browsing Intent History
  • Behavior & Psychographics
  • Social Media Intelligence