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Winning Against the Odds

The Majority Strategies team shares a new case study looking at a primary victory where our client was significantly outspent. Learn more.

The Background:
The Conservative Leadership of the Ozarks PAC was created to support the candidacy of State Senate candidate Karla Eslinger in Missouri’s 33rd Senate District. This was a 3-way primary: Eslinger and one other candidate were sitting members of the legislature; the third candidate was a former member of the state house who had been term-limited several years ago.

The Plan:
Polling indicated that all three candidates had a chance and resources would be best used to build our candidate’s awareness and contrasting her with the other sitting legislator. We focused the creative on a mix of biographical and contrast pieces, highlighting Eslinger as the best voice for the district.

The Solutions:
Using Majority Strategies’ data insights, we targeted voters most likely open for persuasion and activation with unique creative mail and digital ads. We saved valuable resources by avoiding less likely persuadable voters and instead focusing on individuals and areas of the district that could impact the outcome of the election for us. Additionally, we concentrated extra digital advertising into the critical battleground county, ultimately winning it by over 500 votes.

The Results:
On primary Election Day, despite being outspent nearly 50% by her competitor, Karla Eslinger won by 142 votes in what St. Louis Radio political correspondent Jason Rosenbaum called “the upset of the night.”

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