What’s on Your Brain?

#TheWriteStuff: The Majority Strategies Creative Team
March 3, 2017
Whitney Wilson

If we’ve done our job right, it’s our client’s message.

Creativity is an important part of capturing the attention of your targeted audience, drawing them into the ad and ensuring your message is seen and remembered.

There are some tricks to making that happen, and understanding how a person thinks and feels and what motivates them is key to crafting the right creative on the right medium to deliver the right message:

1. Stick with what they know.
We’re talking branding here. Your audience, whether that’s voters, consumers or constituents, knows you. They know what you look like and what you sound like. Stay consistent, and your advertising will be recognized quickly – before attentions turn elsewhere.

2. See and be seen.
90% of the information our brains take in is visual, and 40% of people are visual learners who will respond better to visual information over plain text. In fact, the human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

From infographics to videos, think more show and less tell to deliver your message. Keep text light and images compelling.

3. Get moving.
The human eye is attracted to movement. Many of our best-performing digital ads are GIFs where movement – both subtle and pronounced – caught the attention of users and produced click-through rates well above industry average.

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