Stop ‘em in Their Tracks

July 25, 2016
Whitney Wilson

More than 1.76 billion people rode the subway in New York City last year.

Advertisers have taken the hint, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to target metropolitans on the move and get them to stop in their tracks.

A captive audience? Yes, but still a distracted one. Just like mobile users who are bombarded with options and information. Just like taxpayers whose mailboxes are cluttered with free newspapers, grocery flyers and junk mail. Just like dual-screeners who use mobile devices while watching TV.

With the right message and the right delivery, you can capture eyes, hearts and minds.

It all starts with the tagline.

Our goal is clever, not cute or corny.

We start with the tagline and then build body copy, captions and footers around it, boiling down issue papers and talking points to their essence.

Adding subheads and bullet points helps break up the text and ensure even a quick glance drives the message home.

Remember, shorter is better, both in the mailbox …

… and on the mobile screen.

Today’s voters are always on the go. Stopping them in their tracks starts with the tagline.

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