#ArtCrush: Brand Consistency is Key

#ArtCrush: As Seen by Our Creative Team
July 18, 2016
Whitney Wilson

Do you know these brand icons? 

From the Morton Salt girl to the Vlasic stork to Majority Strategies’ own knight, creating a brand icon is an important part of establishing your campaign or organization’s identity.

More than “just” a logo, a branding element can set your logo or ad campaign apart – and with more than $6 BILLION estimated to be spent on political advertising this year, you’re going to need to stand apart in the crowd of ads across TVs, mobile screens and mailboxes.

We talked about the importance of creating a lasting logo here. Let’s focus on that icon now.

For Majority Strategies, it’s our knight. The knight remained relatively unchanged for 18 years. In 2014, we gave it a small update as mobile advertising hit the market, and this year, a new modern knight has started to appear.

A classic design that has stood the test of twenty years, we asked our team what one word describes our brand icon:







That’s what we are at our heart – competitors.

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