Trick or Treat.

Halloween is near and the month of October is drawing to a close. Election Day looms, as do many myths…

Halloween is near and the month of October is drawing to a close.

Election Day looms, as do many myths and misconceptions about turnout, best practices and voter contact plans.

We’ve separated the tricks from the treats here:

Trick: Direct mail is no longer relevant.

Treat: The statistics show that despite the digital shift, direct mail is still incredibly effective at persuading voters and getting them to the polls. According to the U.S. Postal Service, 56% of people consider receiving mail a “real pleasure” and 80% of households collect their mail the first chance they get. 75% of millennials use political mail as a reminder to vote.

Trick: Ad blockers are killing mobile advertising.

Treat: Mobile apps are not affected by ad blockers at all, and these apps are where voters spend the majority (88%) of their mobile time. Ad blockers only affect mobile websites accessed through the Safari browser.

We use an integrated technology stack to ensure our mobile ads are delivered successfully and viewed by humans, not bots.

Viewability is a problem in the industry, and we take it very seriously. In addition to verifying our traffic and metrics for every mobile advertising campaign we run, we automatically add 3rd party verification to every advertising flight. That means an independent company (in our case, Google) verifies for our clients that we’re delivering ads to the devices we say we are. We do that independently, every time.

Trick: TV has command of viewers’ eyes.

Treat: With 196.7 million smartphone users nationwide, Americans are spending more time with their eyes glued to their mobile devices than to their televisions.  

Traditional TV viewership has been decreasing since its peak about 6 years ago and today, 82% of Americans report using their mobile devices while watching TV.

Mobile advertising targets ads to voters, in a way that television cannot, and reaches them away from their TV screens, including at work and in line at the polls on Election Day.

With less than a week to go until Election Day, give us a call today. There’s still time to help with turnout in the final 72 hours.