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The Value of Voter Registration

Have you seen the recent changes in voter registration in districts across the nation? We looked, and the bottom line is, things are changing.

Have you seen the recent changes in voter registration in districts across the nation?

We looked, and the bottom line is, things are changing.

One competitive southern state Republican-held district is nearly evenly split based on registration, but based on modeled targeted voters, Republicans face a 14,000-voter registration deficit. Modeling shows there are at least 33,000 registered voters who could be identified as Republicans. Both parties are running neck-and-neck on registration, but by using modeling, Republicans would have the opportunity to increase that margin by at least 8%.

In another southern district, which saw one of the tightest races in 2018 in the nation, Republicans are outnumbered almost two-to-one on voter registration. By using our modeling data, they would be able to change Independents to Republicans and convert conservative Democrats to Republicans to close the gap.

You can attribute some change to party motivation.

You can attribute some of it to movers – including those who are fleeing high-tax states for Florida and other lower-tax states.

Regardless, if Republicans run the same races they did in 2018 or 2016, they will lose.

That’s the reality of 2020.

  • Campaigns must start earlier.
  • Campaigns must have a more consistent presence.
  • Campaigns must embrace multiple mediums.

For one state party, Majority Strategies compared consumers lists to the state voter file in order to identify individuals in GOP-voting areas of the state who were not yet registered to vote. Using a hot-button issue, we created and delivered direct mail to those individuals that included a voter registration form and strong call to action to make their voice heard based on the issue by registering to vote. Approximately 17% of the recipients completed and mailed the voter registration from to the state party – more than 15 times the normal response rate to direct mail solicitation.

What are some of your options for voter registration?

Palmcards may not be the first piece of print advertising that comes to mind when you think “voter registration,” but palmcards that provide a clear reason to register to vote come in handy at events or in the back pockets of grassroots volunteers. The key component to make these work? A clear call to action that drives recipients to a website to learn more about how to register.

“Official” Direct Mail
One tactic gaining steam is direct mail that is intentionally stark and simple to mimic the look and feel of typical government forms. These types of direct mail grab the recipient’s attention as a must-look-at piece of mail that requires timely action.

Issue-based Direct Mail
Issues are great motivators, and individuals all have their top issues that they care about most and believe are most important. Data comes into play here, with targeting issue-specific voter registration self-mailers to audiences based on what motivates them the most, whether that be healthcare, the economy, immigration, the 2nd Amendment, national security, or something else.

Traditional partisanship can cut through and create the emotional reaction needed to take an action like registering to vote. Often tying in an issue, voter registration self-mailers with a partisan angle do double duty of explaining both the need and urgency to register to vote.

Digital Advertising
The need for an early and often presence for today’s campaigns begs for digital advertising. Whether social media, video, display, search, mobile or a combination thereof, digital advertising can provide campaigns with an affordable way to stay in front of a targeted audience for longer.

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Learn more about voter registration by downloading our guide, “How to Run a Successful Voter Registration Campaign.”