The Value of Experience

Every candidate at one point on the campaign trail has to answer the question, “What experience do you have that…

Every candidate at one point on the campaign trail has to answer the question, “What experience do you have that qualifies you for this office?”

Every campaign should ask a similar question of the firms they choose to work with them.

“Do you have the experience to help me win?”

I joined the Majority Strategies team over a decade ago after serving six years as the Republican National Committee’s Southeast Regional Political Director.

I have also been on the ticket myself and served two terms as City Councilman in Jefferson City, Missouri, my home state.

I get both sides of the coin, and I’m here to tell you, you won’t find a mail and mobile firm more experienced or more trusted than Majority Strategies.

Our firm has created over 2 billion pieces of mail and countless mobile ads for more than 2,500 campaigns and clients in all 50 states. We are the firm that 3 GOP presidential nominees, 12 sitting U.S. Senators, 6 current Governors and more than 25 members of Congress have trusted to reach voters and move numbers.

We are often asked by campaigns, “Have you ever done something like this?”

And the answer is “yes.”

There’s really nothing we haven’t done after 18 years in the business.

Powerful persuasion? Done it.

Absentee ballot applications and reactives? Early voting? Done them. Majority Strategies has created mail for more state party absentee ballot, early voting, and GOTV programs than any other GOP direct mail consulting firm.

Voter registration? Done it.

GOTV? Done it. In fact, GOP state party Victory committees in more than 35 states have used us for their persuasion and get-out-the-vote mail, including the battleground states of Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada and Virginia.

Ballot initiatives? Referendums? Constitutional amendment campaigns? Done them all.

Presidential races? U.S. Senate races? Congressional races? Legislative races? Local races? We’ve been involved in races for every office imaginable from the White House to the Courthouse and have helped Republicans take over 18 state legislative chambers across the country from New York to Nevada.

Whether you’re a first-time candidate or running for re-election, the question is the same for everyone:

“Do you have the experience to help me win?”

For Majority Strategies, the answer is “yes.”