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The Road to an Effective Voter Contact Mail Piece

Road trips are always an adventure. No matter how thoroughly you plan – mapping your route, packing the car, scheduling…

Road trips are always an adventure. No matter how thoroughly you plan – mapping your route, packing the car, scheduling pit stops – you can’t foresee every potential mishap.

The road to Election Day, like the highway to a road trip’s destination, can be full of unanticipated twists and turns.

To help navigate your way, we’ve put together a map for you, showing the clear path to an effective voter contact mail piece.

“Mail?” you might be wondering. Is political direct mail really still effective? Can its message be heard above the chaotic din of blaring TV ads and ever-present Internet pop-ups?

The answer is a resounding yes. Voter contact mail is undeniably, indisputably, absolutely valuable.

Did you know …

Still not convinced that mail can compete in our increasingly digitized world?

Well, studies show that direct mail is 7 times more effective than all digital mediums combined, including mobile, Internet display, social media, email and paid search.

Perhaps one of direct mail’s greatest assets is that it’s personal. It sparks conversation, it gets hung on the fridge, it evokes an emotional response. In fact, 48% of those polled said they keep direct mail for future reference.

Now the road to an effective mail piece begins with targeting.

You have to be sure the right mail ends up in the right mailboxes. We talked a bit about targeting here. 

Targeting involves using a combination of microtargeting, ID and modeling data to analyze vote history, demographics, partisanship, geography and relevant issues to compile lists of specific voting households for both primary and general elections.

  • Seniors want to know your plans for protecting Social Security and Medicare.
  • Recent college graduates want to know about jobs and what their future will hold.
  • Hunters want to know you’ll be there to defend their gun rights.
  • Parents want to know their children are safe, they are receiving a quality education and their future is bright.

Let’s get started.

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