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The Missing Link

We have always been problem solvers. Add analytical marketers to our toolbox.

Well over a decade ago, we recognized the need to invest in data.

Why? Because the right message doesn’t do much if it’s delivered to the wrong person.

Today, that decades-long investment in data has resulted in a unique approach to marketing and targeted communications.

We have always been problem solvers. Add analytical marketers to our toolbox.

We study, track and measure everything we can, from the audience research to the campaign results, which requires our teams of developers, ad operations, creatives and data scientists to frequently collaborate to successfully execute campaigns.

App install campaigns specifically require a creative approach to marketing, complex development and an audience-first mentality to combat fraud and fuel user adoption.

Our commitment to data is a big reason why app campaigns are successful for us.

One of the most difficult components of app acquisition campaigns is the tracking infrastructure that is required to correctly measure, attribute and optimize for installs or in-app events.

Typically, there are teams of developers who execute app creation and oversee maintenance. Then there are marketing teams who help create content, post on social media and generally promote the app online and offline.

Building out this infrastructure requires collaboration between the left brain (developers) and right brain (marketers). Too often that collaboration is missing.

Majority Strategies is that missing link.

Our experience with both the technical aspects and the marketing aspects allows us to speak both languages and bridge the gap between the two sides of the brain.

A recent example was our work with a micromobility company where our objective was increasing ridership and acquiring users for their mobility app.

Did you know that 79% of installs never get opened again after just one day of installing?

Our work brought together individual insights, actionable data and eye-catching creative to increase ridership among every audience we engaged.

Nearly 90% of the installs took at least 3 rides after installing.

Read the full case study here.

A little left brain, a little right brain.

Together can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time via the right medium – and deliver results.

Tell us. What’s the goal of your next campaign?

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